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Soya Chaap Masala Curry-A Perfect Power-Packed Vegetarian Chicken from New Delhi

Source: Soya Chaap Masala Curry-A Perfect Power-Packed Vegetarian Chicken from New Delhi


This is the first time ever I am writing a blog. If my husband would not have pushed me, this would not have happened. I thought quite a lot about the topic but couldn’t get any. Finally, the idea of gathering some sweet moments of motherhood clicked me. Truly speaking, my husband only suggested me this one. I was so enthralled with the idea as it would relate me and my little fairy…

The news that I am pregnant had put me in deep thoughts initially. Through the years, I had made many plans for the future.  There were so many things I wanted to accomplish in my life.  I wanted to discover many exotic places and do a lot of other stuff. I couldn’t share these thoughts with anyone but had to bury them deep into my heart once I became pregnant.

I am almost 1.5 years (plus 9 months of pregnancy) into the motherhood. Now I realize that each day rather each moment was a new experience for me. The fancies have started becoming true as my daughter has started growing from a baby to a toddler. The future plans are indeed taking shape now and few I’m sure will definitely come to me with time. I never even imagined that I would be sitting in Europe (God’s own continent) with my kid and exploring new places and fulfilling my other wishes. She is my lucky charm.

Let me just pen down a few memories and share those moments ….

  •  Closing my eyes and remembering the day I brought a living, breathing,  incredibly Beautiful and pure being into this world. And of course remembering my GYNAE calling her “ Channo”.
  • I still remember the talk I had with my Gynae during the C-section procedure. I was told that it’s a girl, and the procedure of stitching was still going-on…I was explaining the doctor what I would name her and what does that mean…
  • Decorating her room to give a warm welcome to the little beautiful fairy…
  •  Her First smiles, first steps, first words, first hair-cuts, first day of school. I am happy to say I was there for each of my baby’s “firsts.” Her cute little fingers. Count them, kiss them, tickle and snuggle them.
  • Kisses and more kisses. Top of the head kisses, forehead kisses, feel-better kisses, belly button kisses that turn into loud laughter. All that good stuff.
  • Those sleepless nights for the first 3 months…That was a trauma but I still love it as it was for my angel….
  • Breastfeeding her for almost an year.. (Ahhh…that took  so long )Learning patience. I was very child-like before her birth…Molding myself into the motherhood mode to look after her even better….Singing together. From the “ABC song” to “Mahi Ve” to her silly, made-up songs, I love hearing her little voices.
  • Her dancing on Munni badnaam
  •  Her acting on Choti si Munni, Mulberry bush, wheels on the bus, ring-a ring of roses, If u’r Happy
  • Her Tiny ponytails with the funky ribbons(Kitty as she calls them)
  •  Morning cuddles. Evening kisses
  • Waking up in the night so many times just to make sure she is sleeping properly and is not hungry.
  • “MAMA!” with upstretched arms.
  • The precious, priceless Baby Smell. Ooooo…if only we could bottle that
  • Her laughs. My day has been brightened countless times by my cyra’ laughter.
  • Her Little White teeth..just a few till now…Slow teething
  • Her “Buddha-baba”(old man) act
  • Her self-sung bedtime lori… “ Ninna Ninna Ninna..” That too very loud… I just love it…
  • Her Duckling act “Quack Quack”
  • Her getting scared with the word “ Billaaaaaaa(Cat) ” and then going in the corners and looking for billa and scaring us back with innocence
  • Taking care of her when she is sick. Even if it means I don’t get anything else done.
  • Her jumping off with little feet..
  • Her Birthday wishes to Papa…”Happy 2 T..” Learning to say it for the first time…
  • The feeling of pride I get when I walk down the street and people compliment me on her beauty and innocent talks…
  • Her saying P for Pizza (instead of parrot) and C for cake(instead of Cat)
  • Her Saying B for “Naina”(instead of banana) and her hard time learning to say Apple…
  • Her walking towards me with her arms open and saying “Mama..Jhappi !!!” I just love that….
  • Noticing the elders the way they attend a call on cellphone and trying to do the same without the phone in hand… just 5 months old and she would twist her neck and put one hand on one of her ears whenever any cellphone would ring…

The list is endless and it’s difficult to pen-down all those valuable memories. I have entrapped them deep into my heart forever. No one can ever steel them from me. Those moments & memories are just mine. Whenever I feel a bit depressed, I just dig into my heart and get rejuvenated with those sweet moments. It brings a smile on my sad face and I would just laugh alone recalling some naughty tantrums of my baby.

Being a mother makes me feel bonded in a way that is much more than I had before.  I feel incredibly bonded to my Baby, to her future and to the world that will house her. I love my husband even more, with whom I share this special parenting privilege.  I feel bonded to my mother – I now understand much more about who she is and what she did for me.  A baby binds us to the world in a different way and the way we perceive things about the world changes remarkably. We get a better understanding of the relations around us and get a reason for our existence.

Giving birth to a new life and watching all her “Firsts’ in front of your eyes is the biggest accolade or promotion a woman can ever get. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. And I am proud to be a ‘Mom’.